About Fairway Homes

Sofia Ortega , founder and soul master of FairwayHomes, from a very young age she traveled around the world and learnt several languages and got to know new cultures abroad, with this background and experience she realized her destiny was in Marbella and her vocation was the world of international affairs and  public relations, landed in Marbella in 2001 and since then she has been linked from different angles to the Real Estate world, her first experience before finishing law school was as a freelancer estate agent of a real estate developer in Marbella, and then moved to the legal side of the real estate business working in several Law firms and property administration offices and thus gradually combine and collect further experiences in her curriculum over more than 18 years.

In 2017, she decides to take one more step ahead  and assumes a new challenge and decides to set up fairwayhomes with  the sole purpose of setting up a new concept as a real estate consultant, merging the vocation for the real estate market, business and her legal background, to provide a unique, exclusive and personalized service to each client, always under the principles of honesty , loyalty and transparency. Her leit motiv,   'YES WE CAN , WE CAN FIND YOUR HOME AT COSTA DEL SOL'.